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About us

Green Karma is social enterprise that aims to bring health to people and environment. We are a start-up in Eltham, thats taking baby steps toward establishing a food business model which is healthier, plastic free, energy efficient and zero waste. 


We craft delicious wholesome meals in the most sustainable and eco-friendly manner. By that we mean, we feed you with nourishment without taxing the environment. We regularly use beneficial food preparation techniques like activation of grains, legumes and seeds, to enhance their nutritional value. Because the more nourished you are, the less your cravings are for high calorie junk food.

"Healthy lives spark happy lives"

We do our best to cut out plastic in our food chain. On site composting maximizes our efforts towards a zero waste business. Additionally, sourcing raw ingredients primarily from local farmers cuts down heavily on food travel miles.

This helps our Aussie farmers too!

Unlike any other food business, we use unprocessed ingredients to provide you meals loaded with great fibers, multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants. Our meal plans are beneficial for all - from those wanting to stay healthy to those wanting to reduce weight. 

So sit back and relax because fresh food is served to you every day.

Our Ethos

Happy Family



It’s a no brainer that eating packaged food, fast food, or frozen food is not healthy. Eating freshly cooked food is the key to good health. We create options for you to have fresh food on your plate every day. 

Cut the Plastic


We aim to cut the plastic from the food system. Plastic is eating away our planet and our health too. Our kids deserve a plastic free world. Our convenience today shouldn't become their problem tomorrow. The current food system generates the highest amount of plastic of the total plastic waste. 

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We practice energy efficient techniques to craft food. We pick locally grown ingredients keeping carbon footprint as low as possible. We use plant products to further reduce water and land footprints in our food system.