Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Karma?

We are a social enterprise that aims to bring health back to people and to the environment. We are a meal delivery service based in Eltham, Melbourne. Our enterprise have 2 focal points - people and environment.

For betterment of people, we cook fresh meals daily from scratch with out using any pre-made ingredients and deliver fresh meals daily. We claim our food to be freshest in the market.

For betterment of environment, we source the raw ingredients that are most local. We practice techniques of cooking that are energy efficient. We use ingredients that are most sustainable. To solve the plastic problem that is highly interwoven with food system, we provide incentives to our customers to use their own reusable containers. 


How is it different from other meal delivery services?

1. The primary difference between Green Karma and other meal delivery services is, we are value/cause-driven enterprise whereas others are profit-driven.  This is evident from their working model which is to cook in bulk and deliver bulk meals at once. We cook orders daily from scratch and deliver the meals fresh the same day.

2. Green Karma came into existence with the idea of making profit for running awareness and educational programs on health and the environment.

3. We don't use any nasty ingredients in our meals like MSG, emulsifiers or even pre-made sauces etc. We cook food from scratch, except vegetable stock. Most of the spices are also home-blend.

4. Most of the meal deliveries generate huge amounts of plastic. All the meal deliveries have more packaging then the food itself.  Whereas we give discounts to our customers for using their reusable containers. Thats is our way of saying thanks for your effort to save the environment.

5. We support Aussie farmers by using only Australian grown ingredients. An exception is spices, which Australia doesn't grow. Some of the businesses can source ingredients from different countries for cheaper pricing. But we don't!    

Do you sell meals or meal plans?

Both! We sell individual meals as well as meal plans. If you want to try a meal, or like only a few items on our menu and want to order once-off, you can! Just make sure you order 3 days in advance through our "Menu" tab on our website.

Our Meal Plans are the best bang for the buck. Meal plans are best suited for people who regularly order food from outside and looking for good deals. Our Meal plans help you save money and time in making a continuous effort to buy food. 

Do I get to select the meals for my meal plan?

Of Course! You will be the one to tell us what you want on what day. We have a form linked to meal plans, through which you send us your selection of food items weekly. We offer a rotating seasonal menu of delicious meals that change fortnightly. We ask your choices every week if you are on a monthly plan. If you like surprises, you can leave that job also onto us. We will send you your meals, mixing and matching, so that your meals have variety and you never get bored with food.

Can I change/cancel/upgrade my plan anytime?

Absolutely! We try to keep everything about our Meal program easy and stress-free. If you think our meals, are not right for you, then you can pause, cancel or modify anytime. The change will take effect in one week or upon the conclusion of your current subscription month. We want you to be happy with what you are getting, which can only happen with you having the ability to call the shots.

Does a meal plan always start from Monday for a weekly plan or from the 1st of the month for a monthly plan?

Not necessarily. Your meal plan begins from the 3rd business day from the day you make the payment, or otherwise stated by you in the "Customize your selection" section in your form.

Where are your meals cooked?

Our meals are cooked in a home-based commercial kitchen approved by the Council. The kitchen meets all the standards and procedures to uphold its commercial permit. 

How are Green Karma's meals healthy?

1. Our meals are healthy in many aspects. The meals are cooked daily from scratch and delivered on the same day making them the freshest meals.

2. We use the least processed ingredients in our meals like whole grains, whole lentils and legumes. The snacks use wholewheat flour instead of refined wheat flour.

3. The regular Practices such as soaking grains and legumes overnight make nutrients more readily available for absorption in food making food more nourishing.

4. Our meals are plant-based making them highly rich in fiber and antioxidants. No food can beat the goodness of nutrients from plants.

Are your meals gluten-free?

We offer many gluten-free options. More than 75% of the total meals in our menu are GF or low in Gluten.



Are Meal Plans good enough for weight loss?

Our meals are well balanced - a combination of good carbohydrates and good proteins. There are loads of vegetables in the meals making them high on fiber. Fiber gives a good feeling of full stomach for a longer period making you crave less for junk food. Also when you eat healthy food, your nutrient requirement is met wonderfully and that also makes you crave less for high-calorie food. Once your cravings are taken care of, the weight comes under your control and any effort you make to reduce your weight, results are seen immediately. 

Why Green Karma serve only 4 suburbs?

We are a start-up and want to keep our energy concentrated initially. Once we see our model becoming viable and liked by our customers, we will expand to serve other areas as well.

We are open for pickups by our customers from anywhere.

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