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Weekly Meals

5 meal /week

1 MEAL/day



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10 meals /week

2 MEALS/day



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15 meals /week

3 MEALS/day



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20 meals /week

4 MEALS/day



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Monthly Meals

20 meals/month

1 meal / day


$65 X 4


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 on using your own containers


40 meals/month

2 meals/ day


$125 X 4


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60 meals/month

3 meals/day


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80 meals/month

4 meals/day


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Our menu rotates on monthly basis, with everyday and everyweek's menu different. So this means, you receive new meal/s every week and every day for a month. To see the scheduled week's menu on a calendar click here.

GF - Gluten free,   S - Soy,   N - Nut

Our menu rotates on monthly basis, with everyday and everyweek's menu different. So this means, you receive new meal/s every week and every day for a month.

Week 1


Sushi Bowl

 Japanese flavors in a bowl with Sesame, Nori, Gari, seasonal veggies with glazed soybeans and brown rice        S, GF

Dukkah spiced Polenta Fluff

 Dukkhah seasoned fluffy polenta and veggies     N, GF


Zatar bread + Tzatziki

Handmade bread topped with homeblend Zatar served with homemade Almond and Macadamia Tzatziki            N

Herbed Potatoes 

Potatoes tossed in special spices with lots of flavorful herbs       GF


chickpea Curry

A unique chickpea curry made in a special homemade tomato and herb sauce. Comes with Brown rice     GF

Cous Cous Salad

Lemony Cous Cous, Chickpea salad with nuts, fruits, dry fruits, herbs and sweet spices        N 


Mexican Burrito

 Bean and rice filling along with corn, lettuce, onion, tomato and chipotle sauce in our homemade wraps.      N

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

Brown rice risotto with caramelized mushrooms and onions        GF, N 



Oven baked layered homemade lasagna with veggies and lentils    

Pad thai

Sweet and sour noodles tossed with veggies and peanuts     N, S

Week 2


Mediterranean bowl

Hummus, tahini dressing over cous cous butter beans and olives, cucumber, tomatoes       N, GF       

steamed veggie buns

seasoned veggies and walnuts filled steamed Vietnamese buns with dipping sauce       N, S


Kofta Curry

Fried dumplings in a rich creamy gravy. Served with brown rice       N, GF  

Zucchini and tomato casserole

oven baked zucchini, potato, rice in creamy tomato casserole         N


Biscuit topped pot pie

 Classic American dish. Cookie dough baked in a gravy loaded with seasonal veggies         N

Chili Non Carne

Popular Mexican dish: red beans and veggies in tomato sauce with Mexican flavors    S, GF


Curried Veg mince

      Veggies minced and tossed spices and herbs with fresh tomatoes. Comes with brown rice       GF


Homemade crust with a filling of chickpea and loads of seasonal veggies


Kung Pao chickpea

Marinated chickpeas in a Korean sweet and sour sauce. Comes with brown rice         N, S

Veggie spud

Grilled seasonal veggies over potatoes with homemade nutty creamy dressings        S,  N

Week 3


Mexican Bowl

Smoky red beans, brown rice with salsa, corn, bell peppers and homemade sour cream         GF, N 

Potato Salad

Russia's classic Olivier salad inspired salad. Potatoes, celery, apple, dill pickle in homemade oil-free, nut based creamy dressing         N, GF



A classic Spanish dish - rice, veggies cooked in Mediterranean herbs      GF   

Potato + Pea curry

a traditional Indian curry made with peas, potatoes in tomato sauce. Come with brown rice        GF


Tomato Risotto 

Slow cooked rice with fresh tomatoes and basil with almond cream      GF, N

Mung dahl

Mung beans in tomato and onion gravy with asian spices. Comes with Brown rice        GF


Soy meat and Pea Pilaf

Soy meat chunks and peas in spiced turmeric infused rice      GF, S

Falafel + tabouli

Fried dumplings of chickpeas with cous cous salad


Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

 Lentils with veggies baked and a layer of potatoes on top        GF, S

Pita + Muhammara

Homemade Pita served with a Mediterranean dip "Muhammara" - smoked bell pepper + pomegranate + walnut        N

Week 4


Indian Bowl

Black chickpea, potatoes, toasted veggies with tamarind chutney      GF

 pasta in Red

Pasta in red sauce with baked veggies    N


Thai Curry

Seasonal veggies in coconut + lemongrass + kafir lime curry with white rice       GF 

Veggie balls

 Veggies balls in a chunky tomato sauce. Comes with white rice


Turmeric dahl + potatoes

A very aromatic dahl made with curry leaves, tamarind and tomato sauce. Comes with white rice and spiced potatoes      GF

indian Pancake

Savory Semolina pancakes with veggies



Bean and rice filled grilled tortillas served with salsa and homemade sour cream         N

Stir fry noodles

Stir fried seasonal veggies with noodles in sesame, chili and garlic oil    S


Corn casserole

Corn, polenta, potato, jalapeno baked in a creamy sauce     GF, N

tofu Tikka Masala

Burmese tofu cooked in tikka masala curry. Comes with brown rice      GF, N

GF - Gluten free,   S - Soy,   N - Nut

Container Discounts

We provide discounts when you use your own containers. IT IS SUPER EASY !!! Your first delivery will be in our container and we pick containers for the rest of the meals. On the last day of order, we return all your extra containers, in case you are not continuing the orders. 



Our meals come in different portions. Things like soups, risotto would be 750ml. Stews and curries with rice/potato/salad are close to 1L. Food like Lentil shepherd's pie, stuffed flat bread, burrito, wraps, cake slice, comes by piece. 



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