Kofta Curry  $18

Veg fried dumplings in a rich creamy gravy. Rice and salad     

Beetroot lemon

rice  $16

White rice cooked with grilled beetroot hash and spiced up with aromatic spices and lemon      N, Gf

Chickpea Scramble

wrap   $18

Chickpea scramble, tomatoes, onions  and herbs filled in a homemade wrap 

Veg Biryani   $18

An aromatic combination of seasonal veggies with dry fruits and nuts in white rice              Gf, N

Creamy Mushroom Risotto   $16

Barley risotto with caramalized mushrooms and onions    

Veggie Butter

Masala    $18

 Veggies in creamy thick tomato, onion and  almond sauce with home blend spices. Rice + salad        N, Gf

Kung Pao chickpea   $18

Marinated chickpeas in a Korean sweet and sour sauce. Comes with brown rice         N, S, Gf

Lentil Shepherd’s

Pie   $18

 Lentils with veggies baked and a layer of potatoes on top      Gf, S

Green Goddess

Lentil soup   $16

Green lentils, green peas, green leafy veggies blended with herbs and sweet spices         Gf

Turmeric dahl + potatoes   $18

A very aromatic dahl made with curry leaves, tamarind and tomato sauce. Comes with white rice and spiced potatoes     Gf

Potato Gnocci    $18

Handmade gnocci in glossy red tomato sauce  

Red Been Stew   $18

Slow cooked red kidney beans in tomatoes and onion sauce. Rice + salad   Gf

Spinach pasta in white sauce   $20

Homemade green pasta in white sauce with peas

Quiche   $18

Homemade crust with a filling of chickpea and loads of seasonal veggies

Moroccan pancakes with juicy bean

salad   $18

Savory pancakes with homecooked variety of beans in the salad      Gf*

Veggie balls in tomato sauce   $18

 Veggies balls in a chunky tomato sauce.Comes with rice

chickpea Curry   $18

A unique chickpea curry made in a special homemade tomato and herb sauce. Rice + Salad     Gf

Corn Chowder   $18

 Chowder loaded with corn and other seasonal veggies.   Gf

Chili Non Carne    $18

Popular Mexican dish: red beans and veggies in tomato sauce with Mexican flavors    Gf

Fire Roasted Eggplant Mash                          $18

Eggplant smoked on fire and mashed with special spices. Comes with barley  cooked in tomato sauce

Tandoori Chickpea

fry   $20

Chickpeas marinated in tandoori masala and stir fried with veggies. Come with 2 turmeric naan     Gf

Potato and peas filled crepes   $16

Savory crepes filled with potatoes and peas stir fried in spices.

Pumpkin/Sweet potato gnocci with walnut pesto   $18

Homemade gnocci with walnuts, basil     Gf

Banh bao/steamed

veg buns    $16

seasoned veggies and walnuts filled steamed Vietnamese buns with dipping sauce

White bean stew with potato    $16

slow cooked white butter beans with seasonal veggies    Gf

Mexican Burritos   $18

 Bean and rice filling along with corn, lettuce, onion, tomato and chipotle sauce in our homemade wraps

Mung dahl    $16

mung dahl in tomato and onion gravy with asian spices. Brown + salad   Gf

CAuliflower Manchurian    $18

Fried cauliflower in sweet and tangy mild spicy sauce. Come with brown rice  Gf

veg korma   $20

veggies and nuts in an aromatic white gravy of nuts and onion. With rice     Gf

Chickpea buddha

bowl   $16

Bowl with seasoned chickpea, barley, onion, tomato, corn, capsicum and special dressing    Gf

Veg Toad

in the hole    $16

Toad in the hole with loads of veggies and a dipping sauce

Broccoli and potato rice casserole   $20

oven baked broccoli, potato, rice casserole

Greek gyros   $18

homemade pita  bread filled with grilled eggplants, tomato, onion, herbs and tzatiki dip

Paella   $18

A classic spanish dish - rice, veggies cooked in Mediterranean herbs

lasagna   $20

oven baked layered homemade lasagna with veggies and lentils

indian veggie

platter   $18

a platter of 3 differently spiced seasonal veggies. Comes with polenta cubes


parmigiana   $20

Eggplant battered, fried and baked in tomatos sauce. Comes with polenta

Tagine with semolina cake   $18

North African dish - veggies, lentils and beanscooked with sweet spices and nuts and dried fruits.

tofu Tikka Masala   $20

Burmese tofu cooked in tikka masala curry. Comes with rice.

Pea spinach curry   $18

a traditional indian curry made with spinach, peas and potatoes in tomato sauce. Come with rice.

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